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The craic here last week was brillant! Sure its better then me home.
Frank O'Reilly
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Name: Finola   Email:
Here is the message that I promised you!Pub looks nice-maybe i'll pay you a visit some day.Finola
, Wednesday, 2nd of May 2007, at 15:11

Name: Fiona O'Connor   Email:
Happy New Year, Watch out there is a gang heading your way Mid January, we promise to behave :) In Shepherds Bush London now with Mam
, Wednesday, 2nd of May 2007, at 15:11

Name: Clonmel   Email:
Hi Fiona,Still waiting for the bus?Chat soon.
, Wednesday, 2nd of May 2007, at 15:11

Name: Tom Mc Kenna   Email:
Enjoied the Irish session on Thursday 16th.Thank you for the frindship you and your staff showed us.See You next winter.TMcK
, Wednesday, 2nd of May 2007, at 15:11

Name: donal leahy   Email:
hello from connectiut,usa
, Wednesday, 2nd of May 2007, at 15:11

Name: lainey   Email:
hi padraic, told u id come visit!! now just 'av 2 get 2 d pub for a few scoops!!! then its mission accomplished!
, Wednesday, 2nd of May 2007, at 15:11

Name: Tommy t*t   Email:
I love you guys, what a great pub. Really enjoyed the session on Thursday night, next time I'll bring my tin whistle. Might even have a pint of Guinness or Two. Thanks!!!!
, Friday, 2nd of March 2007, at 15:11

Name: Patrick   Email:
I miss Spuddy
, Wednesday, 8th of November 2006, at 17:53

Name: Finola   Email:
Hey Paudie, Greetings from Glasgow.Haven't found any pub here like yours yet!
, Monday, 2nd of October 2006, at 17:09

Name: rob and ruby arnott   Email:
glad you liked the jinky pendant; i have sent davey a copy of the mass.look forward to seeing you all soon hail hail rob and ruby.
, Thursday, 7th of September 2006, at 16:59

Name: M. O'Connor - Ohio   Email:
Hi Guys,what a great pub,friendly, clean, and good beer,the traditional music session last week was fabulous,I can still hear that squeeze box here in Ohio. It was wonderful,and I'll definitely be calling again next time I'm in Ireland.I'll be BACK!x
, Thursday, 7th of September 2006, at 11:38