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The craic here last week was brillant! Sure its better then me home.
Frank O'Reilly
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Name: Luis Ruiz   Email:   Email: luisr1971 AT yahoo DOT com
I finally found you!!!!!
San Antonio, Tx, Friday, 16th of September 2011, at 06:45

Name: Terry Whatley   Email:   Email: terence2 AT tadaust DOT org DOT au
looks like a great Ireland pub hope to have a pint guinness or two in october
tasmania Australia, Friday, 9th of September 2011, at 23:41

Name: Croft   Email:   Email: rchadcroft AT yahoo DOT com
Well, well..If it isnt my ole' Japan buddy "Iwakuni" Cooney! Looks like things are going great for you my man, get back with me and lets catch up. Never know when I might have to take a trip to Ireland to check our your pub. Croft
Lexington, KY, Thursday, 1st of September 2011, at 21:24

Name: Cooper   Email:   Email: cooper917 AT gmail DOT com
Coon-Balls! You finally did it, eh? Running a pub! Fantastic! Maybe next time I show up in Tipperary I might be able to remember something of the trip.
California, Sunday, 24th of July 2011, at 22:40

Name: Mark   Email:   Email: mark AT cornyspub DOT com
Many thanks to Lance, Travis and Gunner Hay. Was a great week of drinking, golfing, shooting, drinking, drinking and 'ating. Roll on the next hook up whichever side. Semper Fi.
Corny's, Wednesday, 20th of July 2011, at 14:33

Name: Gunner   Email:
72 hours.....
29 Palms, Sunday, 10th of July 2011, at 03:47

Name: Cheryl Quinlan   Email:   Email: cherylkarma AT hotmail DOT com
Tommy, I didnt know until now, Im sorry, Im gonna miss you, your funny emails, RIP TIT, your one in a million. your mate Chez x
Australia, Saturday, 9th of July 2011, at 11:51

Name: Mark   Email:
Paddy's Day. The day CBS "Good Day Sacromento" morning show visited us on the PubCam. Many thanks for the pints they bought too. Here's the link. Search for video using keyword "ireland" and you'll catch Marianne and the crew peeping in on us. Follow this link http://gooddaysacramento.cbslocal.com/video/ Cheers, Mark
, Monday, 21st of March 2011, at 18:40

Name: Jennifer   Email:   Email: clancy95949 AT hotmail DOT com
I can't wait to visit and have a pint..
California, Thursday, 17th of March 2011, at 17:20

Name: Gunner   Email:   Email: hay0306 AT gmail DOT com
60 and a WAKE UP!!!! Looking forward to getting out of this place and over to yours. S/F.
HELMAND PROV, AFG, Wednesday, 9th of March 2011, at 03:06

Name: Lance   Email:   Email: lancecollie AT hotmail DOT com
Mark, Look forward to seeing you in june july depending on Gordon's return date stateside. Thanks for taking care of tommy callahan (the police chief from connecticut). Ill buy a few rounds when we come by this summer. cheers, lc
Austin, Texas, Sunday, 2nd of January 2011, at 13:31

Name: theresa   Email:   Email: serr AT hotmail DOT co DOT uk
hi mark&staff@cornys. whishing you guys a happy new year... i see ye wen am over nx year. please send my love two uncle jonny lyons got xmas card tell him tanks. and happy new yr two my cosin googie, chees mark
uk, Saturday, 1st of January 2011, at 21:05

Name: Mark   Email:   Email: info AT cornyspub DOT com
.....I check in all the time Ais....:)
Here, Friday, 23rd of April 2010, at 20:12

Name: Johnny Willis   Email:   Email: johnnyw AT viaduct DOT com
Wow....what a website, love the webcams, gotta check out thay music cam.....when is it activated? Cool site!!!
USA, Friday, 19th of February 2010, at 11:42

Name: leish   Email:   Email: ann DOT mcneela AT ntlworld DOT com
make sure the camera is on on Tuesday I want to watch my brother Michael sing. I will be tuned in with all my friends. We are having a Corneys party at my house.
manchester, Sunday, 20th of September 2009, at 13:14

Name: Cooney   Email:
Stay off that sauce Colm, it'll rot your brain dude!!!! Mark
The Pub, Thursday, 30 of July 2009, at 11:23

Name: Colm Morrissey   Email:   Email: colmmoss1 AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk
Cooney we miss you dearley..tell Tommy Tit he is a legend out here..Snowy and Colm
New York, Tuesday, 28th of July 2009, at 00:18

Name: Cheryl   Email:   Email: cherylkarma AT hotmail DOT com
This is fast becoming my fav local, Im tellin ya, its a cool place. Cheers!!!
Not too far., Saturday, 14th of March 2009, at 21:46

Name: Cindy Bayley   Email:   Email: baycyn AT aol DOT com
Just wanted to send Thanksgiving greetings to Mick & Rita via the Pub. Mick had nothing but good words for ye.
Apollo Beach, Florida USA, Sunday, 23rd of November 2008, at 21:11

APOLLO BEACH FL, Friday, 7th of November 2008, at 05:36