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Hi Mark , I am the other half of the two brothers from down under, Ladd has I think been in touch with you. We still talk about the great night we had in your pub, meeting yourself , the kind hospitality and many of the locals , wow a great night it was, it was ( I think??—next morning a little slow, Ladd struggled with breakfast) I had spoken to Ladd about this great pub in Tippy and you guys filled a dream for Ladd who has not traveled to this part of the world before. Our whole Irish trip was one out of the box. I hope one day we can return, the Guinness I can still taste, will never leave my memories, that very special night, laugh a minute it was. Mark thanks for you part in this, making us so welcome, please say hi to Tommy saw his photo on the web site Till we meet again, somehow I suspect this could happen, hopefully not another 20 odd years goes by. Personal best wishes and kind regards Keep the Guinness cool!!!! Brian Robinson Half kiwi, half Aussie, half Brit, half Irish Buggar !!
Brian and Ladd
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Name: Scott Nadeau   Email:   Email: pappy102405 AT yahoo DOT com
Like others that already posted, I read about the Pub in the American Legion magazine. I plan to take a trip to Ireland late this year, or mid next year, and am looking forward to stopping by a fellow Marines pub for a pint or two. Semper Fi, Scott Nadeau USMC 1985-1991
Virginia, Monday, 25th of February 2013, at 21:08

Name: John J. Burke   Email:   Email: irishalso AT msn DOT com
Read about the Pub in The American Lrgion Magazine.To Mr,Cooney Semper Fi.
Kendall Park,N.J. USA, Sunday, 24th of February 2013, at 20:20

Name: David Foster   Email:   Email: dhfoster AT zoomtown DOT com
Mark, Saw the article in the March edition of Amercian Legion. My wife and I travel to Ireland every few years. Were just there in September for the Notre Dame v navy game. Will make it a point to toast a Pint at Corny's in the very near future!! Semper Fi! David Foster First Sergeant, USMC (Ret.) 1980-2003 Desert Storm-Balkans-Iraqi Freedom
United States, Saturday, 23rd of February 2013, at 16:34

Name: Mark   Email:
Why, thank y'all very much. Ditto.
Corny's Bar, Thursday, 17th of January 2013, at 15:49

Name: Maryann   Email:
Y'all R the BEST !
Texas, Tuesday, 15th of January 2013, at 20:11

Name: THERESA   Email:   Email: theresaserr AT hotmail DOT co DOT uk
UK, Friday, 28th of December 2012, at 11:30

Name: Mark   Email:
No problem "Ned". We have 24 little ones scattered around the place, no rental required. See ya soon.
Corny's Pub, Tuesday, 31st of July 2012, at 14:41

Name: Mark   Email:
Thanks Jim, fair winds and following seas till we meet again!!! Don't forget to check in on the music cam or the bar cam.....Slainte!
, Tuesday, 31st of July 2012, at 14:40

Name: Jim Harris   Email:   Email: harris4578 AT att DOT net
Home away from Home
Connecticut, USA, Tuesday, 31st of July 2012, at 00:06

Name: Ned Mullins   Email:   Email: nedmullins AT gmail DOT com
Well lads,i was just curious if ye could buy in shorter stools because my little legs are killing me from climbing up and down those big stools,thanks
, Monday, 30 of July 2012, at 21:51

Name: Mark   Email:
Hi Erin, you're more than welcome, so glad you and the guys had a good time on "The Trip to Tipp"....indeed whenever you do make it back, there'll be a welcome on the mat...hopefully the weather will have improved some on your next visit to The Emerald Isle. Semper Fi. Mark
Corny's Pub, Wednesday, 25th of July 2012, at 10:33

Name: Erin   Email:   Email: scrogfrog114 AT aol DOT com
Hi Mark, I was there the second week of July with Roger Longergan (the tour) and we had a great time. Thanks for making us feel so welcome. Hopefully one day I can make it back. Thanks for your great service to the USA!!
Clarksville, Indiana, Tuesday, 24th of July 2012, at 22:49

Name: Mark   Email:
Hi Lizzy, no worries, sure tis all a bit of craic...maybe someday you'll make it all the way over here.....but for now chat away....by the way the webcam shut's off at 2330 GMT everynight....Thanks again for your post! Slainte
Corny's Pub, Monday, 23rd of July 2012, at 11:25

Name: Lizzy   Email:
I've enjoyed having the opportunity to meet some nice people at Corny's, and to chat across the ocean! Thanks to all my new friends, especially: Mark, Paddy, Gerry, and Dee!
, Saturday, 21st of July 2012, at 01:16

Name: Mark   Email:

Hi Debbie, you're more than welcome, it was our pleasure to have you guys, it was a great night and one to remember. Everyone had a great time. Glad to know you all got home safe. Come back and visit sometime, we'll be here, and there's always a guitar close to hand. Enjoy the rest of the summer. Regards to all. Slainte, Mark.

Corny's Pub, Monday, 11th of June 2012, at 13:19

Name: Debbie van Tuyll   Email:   Email: dvantuyl AT aug DOT edu
Thanks so much for letting us play at Corney's while we were visiting! We had a wonderful time!
Augusta, Georgi, Saturday, 9th of June 2012, at 23:05

Name: Interested   Email:
Is she for sale? The pub I mean. No BS....just putting the thought to the outside line...I'll be in touch. Very impressed with the place!
, Saturday, 31st of March 2012, at 22:03

Name: Michael Schreiber   Email:   Email: schlafmuetzen DOT com AT web DOT de
very nice pub. had fun here greetings from the team of http://price-comparison-24.com on holiday
, Sunday, 11th of March 2012, at 01:57

Name: gunner   Email:   Email: hay0306 AT gmail DOT com
To all the Lads and lasses......Gunner says hello, with my man Skehan whose blood comes from county cork....
29 Palms , Tuesday, 29th of November 2011, at 09:16

Name: Gunner Hay   Email:
Thanks to for the Hurly!!!! It may never see play here in the states but it will stand near the door ready to crack a skull:).....XMAS is around the conner...be checking the post Mark.
29 Palms, Monday, 19th of September 2011, at 03:13