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Hi Mark , I am the other half of the two brothers from down under, Ladd has I think been in touch with you. We still talk about the great night we had in your pub, meeting yourself , the kind hospitality and many of the locals , wow a great night it was, it was ( I think??—next morning a little slow, Ladd struggled with breakfast) I had spoken to Ladd about this great pub in Tippy and you guys filled a dream for Ladd who has not traveled to this part of the world before. Our whole Irish trip was one out of the box. I hope one day we can return, the Guinness I can still taste, will never leave my memories, that very special night, laugh a minute it was. Mark thanks for you part in this, making us so welcome, please say hi to Tommy saw his photo on the web site Till we meet again, somehow I suspect this could happen, hopefully not another 20 odd years goes by. Personal best wishes and kind regards Keep the Guinness cool!!!! Brian Robinson Half kiwi, half Aussie, half Brit, half Irish Buggar !!
Brian and Ladd
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Name: Joseph Molloy   Email:   Email: babybringafriend AT hotmail DOT com
Well lads just checking out your web page, its not to bad but how come theres no pictures of the man utd crowd...?? (e.g conor and myself, ha ha) sure ill stop in for a pint on my way down town... get the camera ready . . . :)
Tipp-her-hairy Town, Tuesday, 4th of December 2007, at 13:18

Name: madge&helen   Email:
hello to all our friends & especially to mark,paddy,graham hope you are all well ..havin a great time in sunny florida & newcastle . hope to see you all the weekend. all the best .regards to Jonny & Jenny & maura & all Madgexxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
, Monday, 19th of November 2007, at 20:58

Name: Matthew Heaton   Email:   Email: Mattjjheaton AT hotmail DOT com
Ok i havent been to Cornys yet but will bw dere over xmas wen me n Eoin come to visit Bouile (Brian Barron) next door!!! no college till next tues!!! wuhoo.... france is on strike at da mo... headin out now paintng the town red!!! Brian is behaving imself i promise!!!he he!!! a bientot!!! have my large bottle of bulmers on da counter ready me wen i come!!!!!:)
Grenoble, France, Tuesday, 13th of November 2007, at 23:11

Name: Mark   Email:
Hi Siard, Thank you for such an amazing performance, alongside Martyn and Tommy. I can assure you every customer thoroughly enjoyed their night, there was a tangible vibe in the pub. Great music. Your welcome here anytime, we'll have the door open, and a pint on the counter waiting for you. Fair winds and following seas! Thanks again. Mark.
Corny's, Ireland, Tuesday, 6th of November 2007, at 12:39

Name: siard   Email:   Email: siard AT siard-de-jong DOT com
Hi Mark and staff, thanks for looking after us so well last week,it made us feel very wellcome. I hope we ll play in your place again the next time I m in Ireland. Take care , Siard
amsterdam, Tuesday, 6th of November 2007, at 09:43

Name: Michael Ryan   Email:   Email: michael AT ryan9303 DOT fsnet DOT co DOT uk
My Dad lived acrosss the road so did my Aunty Kitty and Uncle Peter Jackson. I was the uncle Michael who along with Chris Ryan and Gerry Cotter got uproariously bladdered in Corny's one night and clung to each other down the street (In case we all fell over) great night Great Memory
Hertfordshire, Friday, 2nd of November 2007, at 14:23

Name: Chris Ryan   Email:   Email: rchrisjacky AT btinternet DOT com
My dad was born in Tip so we've been to the pub a few times. I remember a particularly drunken evening with my uncle Michael and Jerry Cotter where we all swore undying love for each other outside Jerry's house at about 3 in the morning. Fantastic pub, fantastic people - look forward to visiting again soon.
, Thursday, 1st of November 2007, at 13:18

Name: t&m odowd   Email:   Email: timmyodowd AT hotmail DOT com
hi mark site brill. love web cam idea but what you doing with our johnny on media galllery. tell him we are keeping eye on him. best of luck to you and your team regards mary and tim
limerick/cashel, Tuesday, 30 of October 2007, at 11:13

Name: Kresse   Email:
Hey! I´m a friend from Bernie! I´m the best friend from her Brither! Could you tell her the best wishes from Wangen, and tell her that we miss her and we will have a big party when she´s coming home! Best wishes Kresse
, Friday, 26th of October 2007, at 18:14

Name: Johnny Moore   Email:   Email: moore235 AT optusnet DOT com DOT au
Great site! Makes me want to drink beer and talk treason. Say hello to Johnny, Tommy and Mikey. Mikey must have gone grey from lamping all those rabbits! Good bye for now and all the best!!!! Johnny Moore Perth WA
Perth Australia, Wednesday, 17th of October 2007, at 08:18

Name: parents from Bernie   Email:   Email: jutta AT schmidt-wangen DOT de
Hello Frank, we had looked on your homepage and we will send you kindest regards. We hope that you remember us. We are in your nice pub with Ken Kingston last weel Jutta and Peter
Germany, Wangen im Allgäu, Thursday, 11th of October 2007, at 20:04

Name: PD   Email:
Tommy T_T wearing his Sunday best I see.... great webcam... keep the good work up Mark... pd.
, Wednesday, 10th of October 2007, at 22:00

Name: Mark   Email:
Gunner Hay, machine guns and computers... what next!! Talk soon. Regards to Andrea and family!! Semper Fi!
, Sunday, 7th of October 2007, at 15:38

Name: Gunner Hay   Email:   Email: hay0306 AT gmail DOT com
Pulled up the web cam as saw Mark on the serving side of a bar and said "Christ! Mark lost his mind and is robbing the place! Call the cops!" Pub looks grand on the web cam! Was looking for the colors in their cases. Will catch up.
29, Sunday, 7th of October 2007, at 15:06

Name: patron   Email:
hi mark hope things are going well. best of luck this weekend
, Saturday, 6th of October 2007, at 08:44

Name: Mark   Email:
Many thanks for your kind words Peter. . . We will do our best to the standards high and not be afraid to raise the bar. We look forward to greeting you again soon with more of the same. . . Slainte!
, Thursday, 4th of October 2007, at 00:30

Name: patron   Email:
have to say web sight is wounderful. we are keeping a close eye on you . well done
, Wednesday, 3rd of October 2007, at 20:34

Name: Peter Liston   Email:   Email: peter DOT 2 DOT liston AT btinternet DOT com
Great pub,great craic,great pint ,great website Wot more can I say.See you all again on 11/10/07
Northampton, Wednesday, 3rd of October 2007, at 14:21

Name: Timothy Patsch   Email:   Email: tpatsch66 AT hotmail DOT com
Slainte to you as well my friend. I can still hear you all singing a chorus of "It's The End Of The World As We Know It, And I Feel Fine”. It would take far more than the 500 chars allowed here to adequately express thanks on behalf of Colleen and myself to Mark, Tommy, Emmit and all at Corny's who made our stay in Tipperary so memorable. The songs, the warmth, the cheer, the new friends. The stuff of life. You all made Colleen and myself feel as welcome as if we lived two doors down.
Philadelphia PA, USA, Friday, 28th of September 2007, at 22:58

Name: Fan   Email:
Tim and Coleen, that was some session last night...absolutely brilliant....Have a nice time in Ireland and safe home to Philli.......Slainte......
, Saturday, 15th of September 2007, at 18:03